Training at West Berkshire Council (WBC) provides training in subjects covering Adult Social Care and Children’s Social Care, Most training is open to people working in Social Care and the ‘Training Programme’ describes what is available and who to.

Social Care Organisations and Personal Assistants located in, or contracting with West Berkshire benefit from discounted rates and the ‘Training Programme’ sets out the charges where applicable.

Training Programme

The ‘Training Programme’ is updated every year from 1st April to 31st March. To access the ‘Training Programme’ follow the link to

Courses are available in a whole range of subjects covering Adult Social Care, Children’s Social Care, Safeguarding, Foster Care and WBC Corporate Training.  The majority of courses are located at Shaw House, which sits on the north edge of Newbury, near the town centre.

E-Learning and E-assessment

West Berkshire Council offers funded Online Assessments and E-learning to support the Social Care Standards. Both are open to PVI’s and Personal Assistants associated with West Berkshire Council. E-learning and Online Assessments cover the induction standards, mandatory subjects and a variety of other useful social care subjects and can be accessed from your own computer.

- Online assessments provide an assessment tool that are simple to use and available via the internet. Each completed assessment generates a report that can be used to support induction, for refreshers and to support the employee performance management process. The reports include: – correctly and incorrectly answered questions – percentage score – and shows where further development is required to meet standards.

- E-learning provides another source of training, instead of staff attending classroom courses.

Training on your premises or use of our rooms

In addition to our in-house training, WBC can sometimes provide trainers to come to your premises. Our Moving and Positioning training venue and trainer may also be available. Social Care Organisations located in West Berkshire benefit from a discounted rate for both services.

Workforce Development Forum

West Berkshire Council facilitates a Workforce Development Forum specifically for private and voluntary providers of social care. This ensures we are using our funding to support the local PVI sector and their workforce development needs.

To contact us or view resources

To find out more about West Berkshire Council’s training and services, visit Social Care Training’s webpage

If you would like to contact a member of the team: you can email or telephone 01635 519700.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how West Berkshire Council could improve any aspect of our service or training, we would like to hear from you.